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Denis Lotarev's Indefinite Underwater Exhibition "Absorption" Has Opened in The Arctic Circle

The exhibition "ABSORPTION" by St. Petersburg artist Denis Lotarev opened under water near “The Arctic Circle” Dive Centre & Lodge on April 9, 2021. The underwater gallery is in an amazing place - on an abandoned mussel farm, not far from the berth. One can visit the exhibition at any time of the year.

The exhibition currently presents 6 paintings, one of which is made of metal. Every year the content will be replenished with new works. In addition to the traditional canvas & oil, there will also be bas-reliefs made of metal, and even "edible paintings" on canvas, which instead of a layer of paints will have a substrate serving as food for sea animals such as amphipods, brittle stars and starfish.

The main idea of the artist is to create "inhabited paintings". After a few years in the water, these works of art will become a "home" for marine animals, who prefer settled lifestyle. The artist deliberately uses natural materials - mineral paints, linen canvas, and a wooden stretcher. Over time, these paintings will rot, and mussels, balanus (sea acorns), ascidia and other living creatures will settle on their surface.

The process will be completed when the sea absorbs the exhibition completely.

"ABSORPTION" is a philosophical reflection on the life and death of a work of art. People are used to perceiving works of art, paintings, or sculptures, as a kind of "artifact" that is set in stone for centuries. As a "thing" that will continue to exist in time after the artist's death and immortalize his name. In this project, the author breaks this rule and gives his works to nature. Observing the "fading" and "metamorphosis" of paintings should be an interesting process.

The exhibition has another feature — it has an opening day but does not have a closing day.

Visiting the exhibition is possible only within dives in “The Arctic Circle” Dive Center. For more information about the cost of dives and the requirements for participants, see our website in the "Dive Center" section. For any questions, please contact our booking department.

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