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Come to dive with us all year round!

"The Arctic Circle" is a year-round PADI Dive Centre on the White Sea Coast.

The underwater scenery and wildlife of the White Sea is rich and unique and boasts excellent scenery and fascinating marine life. The White Sea flora and fauna belong to the temperate-arctic zone. The rocky surface is laid with soft corals, sea anemones (Actinia), sponges, Ascidiacea and hydroids. A diver can see starfish, sea urchins, crabs, hermit crabs, shrimps, sea anemones, exquisite Nudibranchiata molluscs, the big predatory White Sea gastropods Neptunea and Bukcinum, and a rare brittle star (Ophiuroidea gorgonacephalus) with the exotic name of the ‘Head of Gorgon’. Underwater rocks provide dwelling places for cod, wolffish, sea perch, butterfish and flounder. In winter wolffish, flounder and lumpfish allow divers come really close.

In winter time our Dive Centre is one of the best places in the world to experience marine ice diving - you'll get unforgettable impressions under the ice arch of the sea, watch amazing soft corals under the frozen sea surface with ice-hummocks and cavities.

We provide a well-established mobile ice camp, equipped with portable warm wooden cabins, for ice divers to feel comfortable on ice before and after the dive. The cabins are equipped with special sledges, on which they can easily be moved between dive sites with the help of snowmobiles.

During warm summer time divers have a special opportunity to combine diving and excursions, when besides watching impressive dive sites with thick growth of soft corals, starfish, sea urchins, crabs and sea anemones, one can also explore the most famous natural attractions of the White Sea on a speedboat trip to the nearest and remote islands.

It is also highly recommended to try a drift-dive, when tidal wave’s speed is much faster than the regular currents and can reach the speeds of 4 m/s in straights between the islands.

We do our best to make the diving trip to the White Sea unforgettable for every guest and show you the wonders of this amazing region! You can choose a suitable variant of group programs from our tour schedule, if you'd like to take part in a trip with prearranged activities (e.g. the programs can be arranged for experienced or novice divers), or book a private tour program of any kind according to your interests to have fun with your friends and family. You don't have to take all your gear with you, most of it can be rented at our Dive Centre.

We are well-equipped with everything required for comfortable modern-day diving: speedboats in summer and snowmobiles in winter, modern diving equipment, well-trained dive instructors and competent staff, good food and cozy accomodation.

The team of the "Arctic Circle" professional dive guides and instructors has a many years’ experience of diving in severe Northern conditions (including the first ever submersion at the geographic North Pole) and is capable of arranging safe and qualified diving trips all year round. Safety has been a priority since the very first days of our Dive Centre. There has not been a single accident in the history of the Arctic Circle Dive Centre.

Most of our dive instructors have a university degree in biology or psychology. Since our dive centre originated on the basis of the "Moscow State University Diving Club", we maintain close ties with the scientific circles in Russia and all over the world, and the Arctic Circle Dive Centre serves as a base for unique MSU research and study programs, in which some our clients take part as well.

"The Arctic Circle" Dive Centre is well known not only to the Russian divers, photos taken here decorate covers of many European diving magazines. The underwater world of the White Sea boasts excellent scenery and fascinating marine life. As far as we have been around for over a decade, we have been continuously upgrading the resort's facilities, that's one more reason why our place has become popular and a well known within the diving community in Britain, China, Czech Republic, France, Poland, the USA and other countries. Up to 40 divers can now stay and dive at the Dive centre.

Do not hesitate to contact us — we look forward to hearing from you and will be glad to answer any question in order to explain the details and help you to make the right choice! Please inform us in advance so that we could arrange everything in due period of time.