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Meet the White sea Family Program

We invite you to get a new experience and new impressions of the untouched northern nature, the majestic sea and the setting sun, relax and gain strength in the circle of loved ones.
If you like to be surprised by new things and you are interested in how the world around you works, if you like the sea and the forest, rocks and untrodden paths – come to us for a new educational program for the whole family!

The family program "Acquaintance with the White Sea" combines exploration and adventure. Informative classes in biology and geology, a lot of sea and hiking trips along the most beautiful shores and islands of the White Sea, interesting evening discussions and seminars and just a good rest in nature!

Topics of excursions and stories under the open sky:

• The White Sea and its modern life. Tides, their influence on the evolution of the inhabitants of the sea. Acquaintance with the littoral – the tidal strip of the coast.

• Acquaintance with the inhabitants of the White Sea, collected on the littoral and raised from the depths of the sea.

• Taiga – the northern forest. Plant life, their adaptations to survival in the conditions of the North.

• Observations of marine and taiga birds.

• Geological excursions. Study of rock walls – sections of the Earth's crust. A variety of rocks and minerals.

• Communication with reindeer and sled dogs.

• The history of the Russian North, the life of people on the White Sea coast in ancient times and today.

Possible topics for evening lectures and discussions:
• Marine mammals – ways of evolutionary success.
• Intelligence in animals: modern research and approaches.
• Symbioses in the surrounding nature and their contribution to the evolution of life on Earth.
• The evolution of altruism and cooperation from the point of view of modern biology.
• Global warming or extreme cold? Ice ages of the past and the future.
• Invasion of land. Evolutionary ways of mastering the Earth's firmament.
• Is there life under the ice? Life strategies of Arctic animals.
• Why is the biomass in the cold seas high, and the species diversity is very average? Features of ecosystems of cold seas in comparison with tropical seas.
• Human evolution
• The evolution of intelligence.
• Evolution of emotions.

Provisional program schedule by day

1 day

Arrival at the tourist center "Polar Circle".

Breakfast, accommodation, safety instructions.

Rest. A walk on Bolshoy Epishkin Island with a bonfire. Biological excursion, acquaintance with the inhabitants of the taiga and littoral (tidal zone of the sea) Excursion with a field microscope. Bird watching.

In the evening – a lecture. For children – indoor and outdoor games. According to the weather.

Day 2

Excursion to the dog kennel. The basics of training.

Sea access to Kindopoluostrov and Biofilter Bay. Excursion – a walk along the peninsula to Kindogoru and Round Lake. Excursion with a field microscope. Observation of ants and planktonic animals.

In the evening – a lecture. For children – indoor and outdoor games. According to the weather.

Day 3

Geological excursion to the Canyon. Minerals and rocks. Types of rocks. Collecting samples. Orientation skills in the forest. A story about lichens; mass lichen species, structure, reproduction, biology. Excursion to the farm, acquaintance with reindeer.

Evening with mussels on Maly Epishkin Island. For children – games on the seashore.

Day 4

Sea excursion to the Kokoikha island. A fascinating walk on a rocky island. Traces of ancient metamorphoses and recent earthquakes.

Observation of mink habitats. Minks and their burrows. Gatherings and lunch by the campfire.

Lecture in the evening. For children – games.

Day 5

Sea excursion to the rocky island Kastian. Open-air stories about the geology, geomorphology and origin of the White Sea and stories about freshwater animals. Collection of freshwater and marine animals in the littoral baths of Kastian Island: daphnia, dragonfly larvae, mosquitoes, floating beetles and other invertebrates. Walk with a field microscope.

Lunch and games on the island. Return to the t/c in the evening.

Packing for home.

The program schedule may be changed according to the weather and other conditions

You can easily book your participation in the program right now! Send us an e-mail or send a request using our web-form and we'll get in touch with you as soon as possible!

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