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Summer Adventures at the White Sea in 2020

During this summer 18 tourist programs were held in “The Arctic Circle”! The programs included biology, sailing, theatre and philosophy classes, hiking, travelling to distant islands of the White Sea and much more. Here are some of the programs that were held:

— “White Sea Expeditions” program, one of our most popular summer tours. Participants were rowing boats, went hiking on the Green Cape, took part in biology classes that were held outdoors and in the laboratory, underwent high-altitude training, visited our pets. In general, they had fun and interesting time!

— “The Sailing Hike”. The participants went sailing on a catamaran to the distant island of Magellan, where the base camp was set up and from where they then went sailing.

— Philosophical program “The Territory of Thought”. The program included daily philosophical classes, both in the classroom and outdoors, in the format of a philosophical walk or a campfire gathering. There was also high-altitude training, theater workshops, sea and hiking excursions, intellectual games, trainings, improv nights and much more.

— “The Arctic Companion” program with sled dogs. Each participant had his own companion dog from our Kennel during the program, with which most of the time was spent. Participants even took their friends to sea trips, getting in boats together. And in the evening, the participants usually walked with dogs on the shores of the White Sea.

— “Maritime Studies.” Participants got acquainted with the basics of small vessels (rowing and motorboats, sailing catamarans) and underwent maritime practice in the Kandalaksha Bay of the White Sea, stopping at charming northern islands.

— “Biology and English”. Participants practiced their English skills, discussing the issues of the world around them and studying biology. Every day there were language classes, as well as trips and sea walks to the islands, where they walk along the White Sea coast, played active games and sunbathed.

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