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Contemporary Art Under-Ice Exhibition "Deep Freeze"

Contemporary Art Under-Ice Exhibition "Deep Freeze"

On February 22, 2021 the world's first under ice exhibition of contemporary art «Deep Freeze» was opened. The exhibition, located under the ice near the Krestovye Islands of the White Sea, presents the works of the St. Petersburg artist Denis Lotarev, a famous Russian graphic artist, calligrapher, and painter.

Denis Lotarev for more than 10 years has been drawing the underwater world from life. In 2008, Denis accidentally met with the famous artist Andre Laban, a former associate of Jacques-yVes Cousteau, and Monsieur Laban shared with Denis the secrets of his skills. This meeting inspired the artist remarkably.

In 2013, Denis became the only artist in the world who paints under the sea ice, and eventually moved from classical painting to Biofuturism, getting his inspiration from the fantastical underwater Arctic inhabitants.

"Paintings drawn under water should be presented under water too," the master believes. "They look great against the background of underwater ice ridges."

Among the exhibits is a series of 6 canvases "Hydrocosmos", the theme of which was marine microorganisms living in sea waters. The image of real sea creatures, perceived by the artist through the lens of his feelings, takes new stylized shapes in this series. The series was created in the waters of the Kandalaksha Bay of the White Sea in October 2018.

The exhibition also presents a series of "El Niño" – a sculpture and an installation made from polymer materials. The series, which name translates from Spanish as "boy", tackles the problems of the destructive warm stream in the ocean.

Stunning photos in a post by photographer Victor Lyagushkin.

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