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Tchernaya Rechka – a journey to the olden days (Winter/Summer)

 The village of Pomor is located in the vicinity of a picturesque forest stream Tchernaya Rechka (meaning ‘black river’) in the midst of the taiga (or boreal forest) region. No road leads to it, and no car is to be found there. You can only walk to the village, or reach it by boat in summer and by snowmobile in winter.
On our excursion you will discover a different world, where people live by fishing, hunting and the gathering of mushrooms and forest berries. You will discover life without TV or white goods, just as it was few centuries before. The time-travel trip includes a visit to a home of a very unique individual – a former Muscovite – who has chosen to live the life of a hermit with his family in the taiga forest.

Ice diving safari (Winter)

2 full days and 1 night
This is a most romantic adventure. We suggest that you come and see extraordinary underwater landscapes in the vicinity of the dive center and surrounding areas, and experience the true Pomor way of life. You will travel by snowmobile along scenic shores of the frozen sea. Ice diving during the day, our experienced guides will show you the rich underwater life. In the evenings, enjoy ukha (fish soup) and shashlyk (grilled meat) cooked on the campfire before staying overnight in a traditional fisherman’s house. You’ll experience all this and more during your Arctic safari.

Excursion to a Canyon (Winter/Summer)


An excursion to Panfilova Varaka hill, where pegmatites, quartz and mica used to be quarried. Viewing the canyon. At the top of the hill is a wooden triangulation pillar. You can see superb views from the hilltop.

Ice fishing (Winter)


We drive to the lake by car or snowmobile. There you can try  Ice-fishing. In winter we lay and check nets under the ice. A picnic on a lofty and picturesque island in the middle of the lake, including fish soup cooked on a campfire.

Excursion to Kastyan Island (Summer)



A day trip to Kastyan Island. A chance to go mussel-gathering; walking; fishing; fish soup or kebabs on a campfire. Return to the Dive Centre.

Excursion to Cheremshikha ( Summer)


Day trip to remote islands: Cheremshikha and Kishkin. These are lofty, rocky islands, with fissures and canyons, rock faces and excellent dive sites. Walking; fishing; fish soup or kebabs on a campfire. Return to the Dive Centre.

Excursion to Solovetski Archipelago – Discover the mysteries of the old monastery (Summer)

3 days/2 nights.
Transferred to Kem; journey by motorboat to the Solovetsky Islands. Excursion programme on the Solovetsky Islands: Solovetsky Monastery, Zayatsky Island, the dry dock, canals built by hand, Anzer, monastic cells; the fascinating history. You may opt to be accompanied by our guide. Return by train or aeroplane from the islands.