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Entry visas

Russian visa info

According to the Russian Federation law, all foreigners must have a valid visa in order to enter Russia.

For your convenience, the information pertaining to the visa application process is detailed here.

In order to obtain a Russian entry visa the following documents must be submitted to the Russian Consulate in your country of residence:

  1. A completed visa application (two per person). All entries on the form must be typed or printed in block letters in English or Russian and signed by the applicant. Incomplete visa application forms will not be processed.
  2. A national passport valid for at least one month after the date of intended departure from Russia. Holders of travel documents other than passports (Permits to re-enter the United States of America, Refugee Travel Document, etc.) must apply in person with a documentary proof of their legal status.
  3. Three standard passport-size pictures of the applicant, signed on the back by the applicant.
  4. The following documents:  Invitation for Tourist Visa (provided by The Arctic Circle Dive Center):
    • Standard tourist confirmation from the hosting Russian tourist company registered with the MFA of Russia ; 
    • Original voucher issued by an authorized travel agency, indicating full name of the traveler, date of birth, passport number, dates of entry and departure, name of the hosting Russian tourist company.

      A hotel reservation alone is not valid for obtaining a tourist visa. The invitations must be on letterheads and contain full name of the invited person, his/her date of birth, passport number, period of stay in Russia and cities to be visited. The invitations must be signed by authorized persons and sealed.
  5. Bank Money Order, Postal Money Order or Certified (by the Bank) Company Check payable to the Russian Consulate General for visa processing. Personal checks and cash are not accepted.


To locate the Russian Consular office that serves your region and to obtain further information, please contact the Russian Consulate directly or visit or